Friendly projects

German Classes
Autonomous School Zurich (ASZ)
Autonomous Education Project – Everybody can teach something, everybody can learn something.

Kafi Click
Free Internet Cafe for people living in poverty.

Medical Help

Meditrina: Medical point of contact for sans-papiers in the canton of Zurich.

Information about living in Switzerland
Online information about life in Switzerland for migrants – in 16 languages.

Papierlose Zeitung”, Newspaper of Autonomous School Zurich:
Anyone interested in working for the newspaper is welcome to join the editors’ collective.


Allows asylum seekers and refugees to regularly do sports weekly, in different places in Zurich.

Invitation to Eat
GemeinsamZnacht (Dinner Together)
Swiss people invite refugees to dinner, thereby establishing important contacts and friendships. The association matches guests and dinner invitations. Guests and hosts can register via their website.

Intergalactic Choir
People from all over the world sing songs from all over the world. Every once in a while the choir performs. Anyone who likes to sing is welcome to join the choir’s regular rehearsals and performances.

Malaika Theatre

The Malaika Group enjoys acting and performs self-written pieces. Furthermore, they organize outings, meet school classes and senior citizens in old people’s homes and even provide catering for Solinetz events. Anyone interested in theatre is welcome to join the group.

Heks New Gardens Zurich
Gardens for female refugees.