All our projects are free and always open to new participants. We welcome all participants and volunteers who want to be an active part of our projects.

German Lessons

Learning German is crucial for social participation. As many asylum seekers and sans-papiers do not have access to fee-based German courses, we provide free German lessons. We offer courses for different levels. On most sites we provide child-care during lessons. New students can always join. No registration is required. We encourage regular attendance.

Deutschkurse Stadt Zürich   
Montag10.00 - 12.00Kirchgemeindehaus Grünau, Bändlistrasse 15mit Kinderbetreuung und Mittagstisch
Montag18.30 - 20.30Kulturhaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13Kleine Gruppe
Dienstag10.00 - 12.00Augustinerkirche, Augustinerhof 8mit Kinderbetreuung und Mittagstisch
Mittwoch10.00 - 12.00Pfarrei St. Felix und Regula, Hirzelstrasse 20Mittagstisch im Anschluss
Mittwoch14.00 - 16.00Kirche Fluntern, Gellertstrasse 1mit Kinderbetreuung
Freitag10.00 - 12.00Offener St. Jakob, Stauffacherstrasse 8mit Kinderbetreuung und Mittagstisch
Freitag13.15 - 15.00Cramerstrasse 7B1 und B2. Anmelden bei
Samstag10.00 - 12.00Kirchgemeinde Erlöser, Zollikerstrasse 160mit Mittagstisch
Sonntag16.00 - 18.00Reformierte Kirche, Höhenring 56


At several sites we serve free, hot lunch after the lesson. These lunches provide an important opportunity for social exchange.

Mittagstische Stadt Zürich   
Montag12.00 UhrKirchgemeindehaus Grünau, Bändlistrasse 15im Anschluss an den Deutschkurs
Dienstag12.00 UhrAugustinerkirche, Augustinerhof 8im Anschluss an den Deutschkurs
Mittwoch12.00 UhrPfarrei St. Felix und Regula, Hirzelstrasse 20im Anschluss an den Deutschkurs
Freitag12.00 UhrOffener St. Jakob, Stauffacherstrasse 8im Anschluss an den Deutschkurs
Samstag12.00 UhrKirchgemeinde Erlöser, Zollikerstrasse 160gemeinsames Kochen am Vormittag
Mittagstische Winterthur
Dienstag12.00 UhrRef. Kirchgemeindehaus, Kanzleistrasse 37im Anschluss an den Deutschkurs

Trips, Sports and Leisure

Weekly Trips in the Zurich Region

Once a week, Solinetz organizes a small excursion in the region of Zurich. Anyone who likes hiking is welcome to simply turn up and join. Solinetz pays tickets and food for refugees.

Saturday, 13 Uhr
Treffpunkt Hauptbahnhof Zürich (Grosse Uhr)
questions: Tatjana Rengel & Sarah Tanner,, 076 524 63 15


For all those who enjoy playing football on a regular basis.

Donnerstag   20.30 – 22.00 Uhr, Turnhalle Hirzenbach, Luchswiesenstrasse 186                 questions: Christoph Burgherr,, 079 196 84 61


For who want to train in a group. Together, we run and do exercises on the “Vitaparcours” (Keep-Fit Trail). One of our goals is to participate in the Silvesterlauf Zurich.

Dienstag, 18.30 Uhr, Finnenbahn am Zoo Zürich
Treffpunkt: Garderobe of ASVZ, Forrenweistrasse 7, Zürich
questions: Christoph Burgherr,, 079 196 84 61

Cycling Lessons from friends on bikes

Cycling is great fun, cheap and increases your freedom of movement. As many refugees have not learned how to ride a bike, this group offers cycling lessons at GZ Bachwiesen. Once participants have mastered the art of cycling, we go on little trips together as a group to learn about traffic rules and to explore the neighbourhood.

more information on

Holiday Camp

Reformierte Landeskirche (Reformed Protestant Church), in collaboration with Solinetz and the Catholic Church, organizes a holiday camp for refugee families every summer. The camp lets these families enjoy a few eventful and carefree days.

Once in a year in the summer holidays.
questions: Remy Beusch,, 044 943 15 11

Sowing Workshop

A trained seamstress teaches us how to use a sowing machine and to make our own clothes. If you are interested, just come round and have a look. Places are limited.

Dienstag, 13.30 – 16.30, Stauffacherstrasse 8, 4. Stock
Mariannina Piciuccio,, 076 229 19 77


Zäme brunche (Brunch Together)

„Zäme Brunche“ aims to create a first point of contact, providing a space for refugees and people from Zurich to meet and get to know each other over a Sunday brunch. The event takes place once a month on a Sunday morning. Refugees can participate free of charge. For those on emergency aid, the bus or tram fare will be paid.

Once in a month. Sonntag, 10.30 Uhr, Kleine Freiheit, Weinbergstrasse 30F1
questions: Daria Jenni,


School Visits

Many school children are curious to meet a refugee in person. Whereas migration and refugees have received wide media coverage, personal contacts are rare. Our school visits group bridges this gap. We go into schools where face-to-face discussions allow for a valuable exchange between students and refugees.
Our group welcomes anyone who would like to join us on our school visits and is open to talk about his or her experiences.

questions: Natalie Pfister,, 078 768 94 04

Visits to Emergency Shelters (NUKs)

Emergency shelters (NUKs) are often located far away from the city or town centre. People on emergency aid are often isolated. With the CHF 8.50 they receive per day, they cannot afford public transport. Solinetz volunteers visit people in the shelters, thereby creating precious contacts.

Adliswil: Hanna Gerig,, 076 527 61 93
Glattbrugg: Christoph Albrecht,, 044 266 21 26
Urdorf: Melanie Mancuso,, 079 688 43 14

Prison Visits Group

This group visits people detained at the airport prison at Zurich Kloten Airport to be deported. We go to see the prisoners to break their isolation and to show them that there is someone in the “outside world” who cares. We are there to talk, listen and to show solidarity. We receive requests for visits directly from the prisoners via a sign-up form.

questions: Lisa Gerig,, 079 725 33 26

Support and Encounters


The 1:1- project matches refugees with volunteers to form (individual) pairs. Volunteers support refugees according to their needs and help them to learn German, find a place to live or a job, translate letters, support them in different situations in their daily lives or organize activities with them. Regular personal contact in a give-and-take context fosters mutual understanding. Anyone interested in a “tandem” is welcome to sign up.

Sign up with this formular
1:1 for volunteers

1:1 for refugees

questions: Simone Thür,


Solidesk is a mobile help desk for refugees. Volunteers offer help with official letters and communication with authorities. Solidesk volunteers cannot offer legal counsel. Solidesk is supposed to be a first point of contact, which points people in the right direction. Solidesk is always present during the German classes Friday from 10 to 13 Uhr at Stauffacherstrasse 10, 4. Stock, Zürich.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Group organises encounters and events in public spaces to raise awareness for the situation and the needs of refugees in Switzerland. We welcome anyone willing to help us promote more humane asylum and migration policies.

questions: Ueli Wildberger,, 044 242 20 59

Regional Groups

Solinetz has Regional Groups in different municipalities outside of Zurich. It is important for local people and refugees to meet where people live and to be able to build a common future. Hence, in Adliswil, Dietikon, Urdorf, Uster, Regensdorf and Winterthur, we offer free German classes and other Solinetz projects, to which we’re always happy to welcome new participants and volunteers.